June 2013:

David Deen signs with Muse NYC


June 2013:

David Deen signs with Blue Models


June 2013:

David Deen signes with Osbrink Talent Management


June 2013:

David Deen signs with Sight Management


April 2013:

Shooting with Scott Teitler, Miami


March 2013:

Miami Fashion Season


February 2013:

David Deen heading for Miami


January 2013:

Fashion Week Milano


November 2012:

David Deen signs with Elite Model


October 2012:

Panama Fashion Show


October 2012:

NYC fashionweek!


May 2012:

David Deen heading for NYC 


April 2012:

Barcelona hacid magazine


March 2012:

Who is Who in Basel 2012


Januar  2012:

David Deen & Jan Schumacher

Shooting with Sandro Bäbler

shown on Glanz & Gloria!


November 2011:

Mike Candys feat. David Deen

Single "All around the World"

Over  2 Mio. clicks on youtube!


October 2011: 

Shooting with Lu Adams, Paris


September 2011:

Shooting with Marco Marezza, Milan


August 2011:

Shooting with Barry King, LA